Climb On by Baptiste Paul - Book Cover

          Climb On


Take a hike with this father-daughter adventure that’s sure to inspire you to get outside. 

When a young child reminds her dad about the hike they planned, her father is hesitant —To the tippy top? It’s a great day to watch futbol (soccer). But as the two climb on, her enthusiasm is contagious. Filled with setbacks, surprises, and stunning views, this warm and humorous story highlights in vivid colors the bonding power of a shared experience. A list of creatures at the end prompts a second look for keen-eyed readers to make discoveries of their own.




Peace is on purpose. Peace is a choice. Peace lets the smallest of us have a voice.

From a hello and pronouncing your friend’s name correctly to giving more than you take and saying I’m sorry, this simple concept book explores definitions of peace and actions small and big that foster it.

Award-winning authors, Baptiste Paul and Miranda Paul, have teamed up with illustrator Estelí Meza—winner of the ‘A la Orilla del Viento’ the premier Picture Book Contest Award in Mexico—to create an inspiring look at things we can all do to bring peace into our lives and world.

To Carnival!

to carnival

The sights, sounds and tastes of vibrant Saint Lucia come to life in this cumulative #OwnVoices tale of a girl's journey to Carnival. When a series of unexpected delays disrupts her journey to the big parade, Melba must adjust both her expectations and her route to the festivities. Who will she meet and what will she learn along the way?

The Field

The Field is so much more than a soccer story. It is a story of grit and glory, teamwork, leadership, diversity and acceptance. The Field is a picture window into my childhood in Saint Lucia. It is an invitation to jwe (play). Won’t you come and play?

Adventures To School:
Real-Life Journeys of Students from Around the World

Children all around the world go to school. But their journey is not always the same, some ride a bus, some trek for hours on foot, while some must cross a wire bridge to get there. Each trek is unique, extraordinary and sometimes dangerous. Adventures to School celebrates the determination, perseverance, and sense of adventure shared by young people around the world.

I Am Farmer is the true story of how environmentalist Farmer Tantoh transformed the landscape in his home country of Cameroon through thoughtful action. This is an inspiring story of hope and renewal. It is my hope that his story inspires readers to be the change that they want to see in the world.

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