One of my main focuses is the concept of learning by doing. There are many ways to learn or grasp a concept.  Personally, I have  always excelled in areas when I was given the opportunity to physically do something or at least try.  Sometimes, I had to try over and over again.

As a child, I loved to read and write, but I had no idea that I would become an author one day. Growing up in Saint Lucia, authors never visited my schools and the only library was miles away from my home. So I frequently walked more than 20 kilometers (12 miles) round trip for books to read.

When I visit schools, I want to ignite, inside of every child, that enthusiasm for reading. I want every child to take my story and make it their own. My hope is that someday, their stories can inspire a generation of young readers and writers.

When you request me for a school visit, here is what you are going to get.

My presentation includes a powerpoint and Q&A session. The student will learn the process involved in writing the book. Depending on the book, the student will learn what it takes to write fiction or non fiction.  One of the key take aways from every presentation is learning a few words in a different language. I speak and write in French Creole and sharing that part of my culture with others is exciting and very rewarding.

I can tailor my presentation to the needs of the instructor. It could be one presentation to multiple presentations.


For all school visit inquiries please contact: Judy Cooper at

My presentations are fun and engaging! All you have to do is invite me to your school.

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