As I begin planning my second I AM FARMER tour with Farmer Tantoh, I can’t help but reflect on how joyful our first tour was. My mind floods with happy memories when I think back to our in-person tour events. The world has changed so much since then and we have all been asked to adapt. This tour will be a virtual tour and thus very different from our first. 

But I am looking forward with hope in my heart that the connections we make will be just as lasting and the minds and hearts that we encounter will be just as inspiring. 

Would you like to take a little virtual tour down memory lane with us? Here are some of our favorite memories from our 2019 I AM FARMER tour. 

After our presentation in Pennsylvania, a student wrote us a half-page thank you note. We were so touched when his teacher came to us in tears and told us it was the first thing he had written in months. What a gift we gave each other. We also got to experience a small slice of Amish life when a family invited us for cookies, lemonade, and a buggy ride to town that had everyone smiling.

In Wisconsin, we were made aware of a disruptive student that often interrupted presentations. They recommend he not attend our presentation for that reason. But we requested that he be allowed to participate and he was able to enjoy the presentation with the rest of the students. 

Afterward, he hugged us, said that we were his best friends and then invited us to his birthday party!

While in New York, I received a call that a family member had unexpectedly passed away. I was feeling extremely down and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through all of the presentations we had planned. My heart was lifted when, after one of our presentations, a student sang us a song from the Greatest Showman. Coincidentally, the student shared the same name as my nephew who had just lost his dad.

In Connecticut, we shared thoughtful conversations over a lovely meal that our host family had prepared.

In Nebraska, a student was excited to see us balance a bucket of water on our heads because this was something she grew up doing. We were all delighted when she demonstrated this to her classmates. 

In all of the States we visited, the students were the highlight. They were moved to see their teachers try something new, like balancing a bucket of water on their heads. They cheered and encouraged their teachers. Like wise, the teachers cheered for the students when they tried.

We will always hold these memories close, as they are the BEST part of our job. 

This year, from October, 3rd to October 31st 2022. Farmer Tantoh and I will be hosting a virtual I AM FARMER book tour, and we cannot wait for the new memories that will fill our hearts. We hope to see you there!

For program details and booking Information: Contact Julie Ann at the Booking Biz. (

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